• Hip Hop Therapy

    Empowering a new generation of leaders to inspire wellbeing thru Hip Hop.

An Old Idea

A New Platform

Since its inception, Hip Hop has empowered youth to achieve identity, belonging, and purpose. Today the challenges facing youth are looming. But a new generation of leaders, dedicated to the idea of Hip Hop as a pathway to wellbeing, have taken the stage and are transforming the status quo. We are developing an open-action platform designed to accelerate the impact of a far-reaching community. 

How It Will Work

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Connect with a network of Hip Hop change makers, scholars and philanthropists.


Build your capacity. Access the latest knowledge base, tools and resources.


Share your project, strategies and impact with members of the network.

What It Will Offer

Member Directory

An interactive map of members and with built-in communication functions

Provider Dashboard

Essential tools for program design, facilitation and evaluation

Real Time Analytics

To measure impact in real time and across time

Academic Journal

A peer reviewed journal featuring scholarly works on Hip Hop Therapy

Institutional Repository

A cloud-based searchable archive of IP stemming from the field

Trainings and Webinars

Highlighting the latest process and program innovations from leading experts

Community Forum

An open forum to exchange of ideas and questions regarding Hip Hop Therapy

Media Blog

The latest news and updates from the field


Stay Tuned

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