Hip Hop & Youth

Since its inception, Hip Hop has empowered youth to achieve identity, belonging, and purpose. Today the challenges facing youth are looming. But a new generation of change leaders have taken the stage and are remixing the status quo.

Hip Hop Therapy (HHT) combines community-defined strategies with proven therapeutic techniques in an effort to help youth heal, grow and lead. This new paradigm for wellbeing has gained mainstreamed attention and is quickly becoming a field of practice and study.




The Hip Hop Therapy Global Institute (HHTGI) is a forthcoming social venture that aims to scale Hip Hop Therapy and accelerate the impact of a far-reaching community. Currently, We are in the process of developing a platform that promises to make Hip Hop Therapy more accessible and collabrative than ever before.

Our Focus Areas

It's bigger than Hip Hop

Our Vision

HHTGI envisions a world where every young person is at-promise and Hip Hop Therapy is widely used as tool for teaching youth to actively nurture wellbeing in their lives.

The Hip Hop Therapy Global Institute is a special project fund at Silicon Valley Community Foundation (SVCF). Donations will be processed by SVCF, a 501(c)(3) public charity registered in the United States, EIN# 20-5205488. Contributions will be tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. SVCF will provide a formal acknowledgment letter containing tax-deduction language for your records, and the full amount of your donation will go directly to Hip Hop Therapy Global Institute.

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To a City Near You

Putting the power in your hands

Our Platform

Over the last year we’ve been designing a platform with the capacity to simplify, organize and empower. Our team of thought leaders, creatives and technologists are putting in work to delivery a product that will revolutionize the field of Hip Hop Therapy. Here’s a snapshot of some features you can look forward to:

Member Directory

An interactive map of members and with built-in communication functions

Provider Dashboard

Essential tools for program design, facilitation and evaluation

Real Time Analytics

To measure impact in real time and across time

Academic Journal

A peer reviewed journal featuring scholarly works on Hip Hop Therapy

Institutional Repository

A cloud-based searchable archive of outputs from the field

Trainings and Webinars

Highlighting the latest process and program innovations from leading experts

Community Forum

An open forum to exchange of ideas and questions regarding Hip Hop Therapy

Media Blog

The latest news and updates from the field

*Featured project at the 2016 Globalizer on Youth Empowerment in Singapore.

Stay Tuned

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